Living Alone



These are my greatest hits through 1996, together with three songs I wrote for Bob and me to play together, him accompanying me on hurdy-gurdy. I recorded this album because every time I performed someone would ask me if I had a CD to sell. As soon as I did no one ever asked again.


One of the great horrors of my life was a thousand copies of this CD, my life’s greatest accomplishment, showing up with orange covers. The cover was supposed to look like birch. As Corky Siegel predicted I’ll be giving away these ugly orange CDs for the rest of my life. At least online I get to fix the cover.


I sent Loudon Wainwright III, one of my songwriting gods, a copy of this CD, along with a fan letter, hoping he’d discover me and make me a star. That didn’t happen but his next CD had a song called “Living Alone.” I’m honored. (Titles cannot be copyrighted.)


[Other than the cover, dedication, minor corrections, and these paragraphs, I’ve tried to reproduce the original album online precisely. (July 2016)]



In Memory of

Barbara Vroman






Living Alone, Hug Me, Dead-End Blues, Chemistry, 784.5 JOP:


VOCAL & GUITAR: Lee Chapman

Synthesizer: Lee Chapman & George Shutack

Arranged by Lee Chapman & George Shutack

Recorded at Brutal Recording


Half a Hand Away, You’re Perfect, Art Institute, O’Hare Terminal Five, Hey Wolfgang, Imperturbable, Bus Driver:


VOCAL, GUITAR & Synthesizer: Lee Chapman

Arranged by Lee Chapman

Recorded at Brutal Recording

They’re Only Words, Maybe, Carte Postale:


VOCAL & GUITAR: Lee Chapman

HURDY-GURDY: Robert Green

Arranged by Lee Chapman

Recorded at Northern Illinois University School of Music


If I Were a Penguin, In the Woods:


VOCAL & GUITAR: Lee Chapman

Recorded at Northern Illinois University School of Music


Produced by Lee Chapman & Eli Kelly

Engineered by Eli Kelly

All songs written by Lee Chapman

All songs published ©1996 Lee Chapman ASCAP

Album Design ©1996 ©2016 Lee Chapman


Thanks to Peter Middleton


Lyrics reprinted by permission.

All rights reserved.

Unauthorized duplication is prohibited by law.


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