These songs, spanning five decades of writing and five years of recording, clumped together by not belonging on the other albums I’m planning. But in choosing their order I realized they could be organized into an arc describing a relationship: before, during, and after. I could have called it “Love Is,” but I love the concept “Non-Miscellaneous.”


(A company I worked for had a client whose information system comprised four filing cabinets labeled “Inter,” “Intra,” “Misc,” and “Non-Misc.”)

for Bob


All songs written by Lee Chapman

All songs published ©2016 Lee Chapman

Album Design ©2016 Lee Chapman

Synthesized sounds by Brutal Records and

Sweet Owen Sound

Mixing at Sweet Owen Sound

Mastered by Frank Marchand @ Waterford Digital Inc.


Recorded and mixed at Sweet Owen Sound,

by my friend Tom Yeiser, who once looked at me and said,

"Yeah, when I got old and fat I stopped wearing T-shirts."


Thanks to

Eli Kelly

Barb Brown

Denise Longo-Schoeberlein

Michele Oldfield

Laura Davis

Carrie Baquié


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